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Game The Bowling Club preview
Game The Bowling Club preview

The Bowling Club

The Bowling Club

Theatre mode
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The Bowling Club

Join The Bowling Club and climb the Achievements ladder from a humble Beginner all the way up to the ultimate Super rank! This exciting bowling simulation features disco music, neon graphics, and challenging gameplay that will greatly improve your fine motor skills. Mastering this game takes time and effort, and it manages to remain highly replayable, considering its repetitive nature.

Even though the first few showdowns might feel like a breeze, you’ll face more formidable AI opponents in every next match. The room for errors gradually shrinks, and before you know it, scoring multiple strikes and spares is necessary to come out on top. To improve your performance, there are several boosters to purchase at the Item shop that will help you defeat even the most skilled of rivals.

How to play The Bowling Club

Matches consist of 10 frames, and you get to bowl twice in each of them. To throw perfect strikes, you must account for speed, angle, and the swerve of your attempt. If you’re new to this game, it’s highly recommended to keep the rail bumpers toggled on, as you might throw the ball into the Gutter more times than you could imagine.

Bowling straight into the frontmost pin will rarely result in a strike, even if you throw the ball at full power. Experiment with curve balls to achieve better scores.

What are the controls for The Bowling Club?

The Bowling Club somehow feels better on mobile, but you can play it for free in a PC browser, too. Swipe to set the bowling ball in motion if mobile is your preferred platform, or click, hold, drag, and then timely release on a PC.


  • A perfect single-player bowling simulation
  • More formidable AI opponents in each next match
  • Various gameplay enhancements in the Item shop
  • Dozens of Achievements ranks to climb

Release date

June 2019


Super Appli


All devices

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