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Rev up your engines and embrace the wild rush of Tricks, an exciting 3D motocross game that puts you right in the heart of thrilling races. Be prepared to conquer challenging terrains, perform outrageous flips, and race against other bike enthusiasts. This isn't your ordinary ride, it's a leap of faith every time you take to the track.

How to play Tricks

As a daring motocross rider, your mission is to race and outmaneuver your opponents while performing audacious flips and landings. Timing is key: a well-timed flip can spell the difference between a spectacular victory and a crushing defeat. As you progress through the increasingly difficult levels, you'll earn money and gems that can be used to upgrade your bike with even more daring tricks and boosts. Remember, the more flips you do, the more points you score. Aim for double and triple flips to ramp up your scores to stratospheric levels.

What are the controls for Tricks?

Tricks put control right at your fingertips, on desktop or mobile. For desktop riders, the space bar is your ticket to mid-air acrobatics and turbo boosts, while mobile bikers can flip and zoom with simple screen taps and presses. Racing has never been this electrifying!


  • Exciting 3D motocross racing gameplay that keeps you on the edge of your seat.
  • Opportunity to perform daring flips and tricks, with the potential for double and triple flips.
  • Progressively challenging levels against diverse AI opponents.
  • Upgradeable bikes with a variety of tricks and boosts.
  • Currency system that rewards high scores and winning races with money and gems.

Get ready to taste the dust and glory of motocross racing with Tricks. This isn't just a game; it's a test of courage, skill, and the desire to push the limits. Will you rise to the challenge?

Release date

August 2021


Yello Games


All devices

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