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Turbo Dismounting

Turbo Dismounting is a brutal stickman game! Come up with creative ways to throw your stickman into perilous situations!

How to play Turbo Dismounting?

Turbo Dismounting is a super fun game! With multiple maps and vehicles, the player is guaranteed to have a good time running over the stickman! The objective in the game is to hurt the stickman as much as possible and to do some sick flips in the process to earn extra gold. When playing there are multiple poses in which you can station your stickman, try repeating the levels a couple of times to figure out which pose is the best to gain points in.

The poses and the amount of force you apply to your stickman are really the determining factors for the points you gain in a match. There are some levels where you have to use vehicles to play. Here your vehicle’s mobility, size and it’s durability all are important factors of how many points you can gain from them.

What are the controls for Turbo Dismounting?

The controls for Turbo Dismounting are straightforward.

On desktop, use your left mouse button to click on the button on the right side of the screen to decide the amount of force you’ll apply to your stickman. When you want to eject in a vehicle, click on the button on the left side of the screen to eject.

On mobile, simply tap on the button on the right to decide the force to apply and tap on the button on the left to eject.


  • Unique gameplay! Turbo Dismounting offers a unique experience unlike any other! Throw your stickman into perilous situations to win!
  • Vehicles! You can put your stickman into a vehicle to gain more points!
  • Over 20 levels! In Turbo Dismounting, there are over 20 levels for you to play and break your stickman’s bones in!

Release date

August 2018




All devices

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