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Game Unblock It preview
Game Unblock It preview

Unblock It

Unblock It

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Unblock It

Slide the wooden blocks across the square-shaped board to make way for the highlighted slab to exit through the hatch in Unblock It! Playing this awesome brain game will greatly improve your logical thinking and problem-solving abilities. There are a total of 24 levels, and you must finish the puzzle in the least moves possible to earn the maximum 3 stars.

The graphics in the game are pleasant, the music is uplifting, and the gameplay is entertaining, so once you start moving blocks it’s really hard to stop. The problems presented gradually become more complex, but there are hints available to help you complete even the most difficult of levels.

How to play Unblock It

There’s no need to rush making any moves so take your time to analyze the puzzle at hand thoroughly. Determine which blocks are obstructing your path to the hatch and try to figure out ways to rearrange them. Resolve one issue at a time and slowly work your way toward the ultimate solution.

The length of blocks to move aside will often suggest in which direction you have to slide them to clear the road ahead. Once you’re certain what needs to be done to complete the puzzle, it’s much easier to figure out the best course of action.

What are the controls for Unblock It?

Unblock It works perfectly on both PC and mobile, so feel free to exercise your brain on the platform of your choice. Click on a block, then hold-and-drag to move it if playing on a PC, or swipe to do the same on mobile. Keep in mind that you can only move horizontally oriented blocks left or right, and the vertical ones up or down.


  • A brain-stimulating block-moving puzzle
  • 24 progressively more complex levels
  • Pleasant graphics and uplifting music

Release date

September 2018




All devices

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