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Archer Hero


Archer Hero

Archer Hero is probably the best free-to-play 2D bow and arrow game you can play. You’re controlling the lone marksman standing on a narrow platform. The objective of the game is to defeat all the enemies that will spawn at different spots on your screen in waves before they shoot you down. Every 10th level features a boss fight, and upon completing it, you’ll unlock new zones with different background themes. This extraordinary archery simulation does a great job of making you feel that even the slightest of adjustments in both angle and power of your shots make a huge difference.

How to play Archer Hero

You’ll quickly notice that your foes aren’t fast shooters, so use this to your advantage. Don’t worry about accuracy too much in the beginning. Just shoot as many arrows as possible to learn the physics behind the game.

Even though you can mute the background music, it’s actually pretty epic and fits the atmosphere perfectly. 

There are 4 abilities your hero can use:

  • Shield — deflects the incoming arrow
  • Heal — tops up your HP 
  • Multishot — your next few shots will release 3 arrows simultaneously
  • Rain of arrows — arrows rain from the skies dealing damage to enemies

Don’t be stingy about using them, as you can always purchase more ability points in the shop.

What are the controls for Archer Hero?

You can play Archer Hero on PC and mobile devices alike. Click or tap, then hold and drag to determine the trajectory and speed of the shot. Finally, release to shoot an arrow.


  • One of the best archery games out there
  • Extraordinary bow and arrow shooting experience
  • Uplifting music to boost your spirit on the journey through the campaign
  • Challenging boss fights every 10 levels, 4 hero abilities

March 2023


Cross platform