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Game Age Wars Idle preview

Age Wars Idle

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Age Wars Idle

Guide the brave character through the humankind timeline in Age Wars Idle! In this unique idle lane-running game, you’ll start off as a humble caveman and cast stones at the various enemies across the track. As you eliminate them, they’ll drop coins you can use to upgrade your Profit, Weapon, and progress to the next Age. You can dig up ore deposits scattered around the lane to gain additional coins and speed up your progress. Running into any of the enemies will earn you a punch in the face, and you’ll have to restart from the previous checkpoint.

How to play Age Wars Idle

Each of the mean-looking cavemen you'll encounter has a number below him. Your current weapon must be at least of the same power to deal any damage. You can avoid most of the opponents easily, but look at eliminating them as means of making money.

While it may seem tempting to progress to the next Age as soon as possible, this can be very counter-productive. The opponents you’ll encounter will be much stronger, and unless you’ve upgraded your Weapon enough you’ll get stuck for quite a while before being able to clear the stages efficiently.

The best method to achieve smooth progression is maxing out the Profit first and only upgrading the Weapon once the opponents’ strength requires you to do so. If min-maxing is what makes a game fun for you, run into the enemies intentionally and only progress through the timeline once you’ve defeated all the rivals and collected all the loot.

What are the controls for Age Wars Idle?

Age Wars Idle is exclusively playable in a PC browser. Click and hold, then drag to move your character along the running lane.


  • A unique idle lane-running game
  • Weapon and Profit upgrades, Age progression
  • A perilous journey across humankind's timeline

Release date

July 2022


Bermuda Games


All devices

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