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Avengers Among Us

Kill all the industrious crewmates and stop their futile attempts to set the broken-down spaceship in motion in Avengers Among Us! You can’t just go on a mindless rampage, though, because the NPCs will eject you from the ship if they catch you in the act. At least you don’t have to worry about who the impostor is!

Your character is easily discerned among the crew due to the conspicuous Spiderman mask, but they’ll suspect nothing as long as you’re careful enough. There are several gameplay modification options you can explore before attempting the wicked sabotage, which will make your playthrough easier or harder, according to your personal preferences.

How to play Avengers Among Us

To avoid raising alarms among the crewmates, it’s very important to at least pretend that you’re helping. Stroll around the spaceship and get to know it better, and don’t attempt to kill the workers while there are witnesses around. The key to victory is escaping the crime scene quickly.

You’ll notice a total of 3 vent hatches positioned in the corners of the spacecraft, which can be extremely useful. Not only do they allow you to traverse long distances in the blink of an eye, but while you’re hidden inside, you’re highly unlikely to get accused of murder once the dead body is found.

What are the controls for Avengers Among Us?

Avengers Among Us is playable for free on both PC and mobile devices. Use the arrow keys on your PC to move your character and click on the easily discerned icons to perform other actions. Use the joystick button to move on mobile, and tap on the icons to kill crewmates, hide in vent hatches, or open the sabotage map.


  • Single-player Among Us-inspired assassination game
  • Victory is achieved by eliminating all the crewmates
  • Several gameplay customization options

Release date

March 2021


desa games


All devices

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