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Welcome to Bookworm, a captivating word-forming puzzle game. You'll join Lex the Bookworm in a quest to form words from a grid of available letters. As you create words, they're removed from the grid, allowing new letters to take their place. This game tests your vocabulary and strategic thinking, making it a delightful challenge for word game enthusiasts.

How to play Bookworm?

Your objective is to link adjacent letter tiles horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to create words that are at least three letters long. Be strategic and watch out for fire letters, as they should never reach the bottom of the board. To score higher points, aim for Green, Gold, Diamond, and Sapphire Reward Tiles. You can reshuffle tiles by clicking on the Bookworm if you're stuck. Remember, the longer the word, the higher your score!

What are the controls for Bookworm?

Game Controls: Mouse – Click on letters and drag to link them into words. Click on the Bookworm to reshuffle tiles.


  • Word-forming puzzle mechanics
  • Grid-based letter arrangement
  • Strategic element with fire letters
  • Scoring system based on word length and special tiles
  • Reshuffle option
  • Educational and fun for all ages

Release date

February 2003


PopCap Games



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