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Game Chess Master 3D preview
Game Chess Master 3D preview

Chess Master 3D

Chess Master 3D

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Chess Master 3D

Hone your skills against a formidable AI opponent or compete against a friend in the immersive Chess Master 3D! Chess is the game of kings that stimulates your logic, creativity, and strategic thinking. Anyone who deems it boring probably has never bothered to learn to play it, but the truth is that no two games are quite alike.

If this classic game were invented today, and not more than three thousand years ago, many would most likely complain about the game balance. But the reality is that it’s probably the most balanced game ever invented and the ultimate test of your intellect.

How to play Chess Master 3D

The game of chess can be roughly divided into three stages: opening, mid-game, and end game. Learning at least a couple of openings is particularly important, especially for new players, since making the right moves in the beginning will help you transition into the mid-game seamlessly. Focus on activating the pieces like knights and bishops in the beginning, and try to gain control of the center of the board.

Your strategy should ultimately revolve around the checkmate, so it’s essential to always think a couple of moves ahead. Before continuing to pursue your ideas on the board, make sure to thoroughly analyze the opponent’s last move. It’s easy to get carried away and give out a piece for free if you fail to assess all the threats the opponent’s previous move might have caused.

What are the controls for Chess Master 3D?

Chess Master 3D is playable on both PC and mobile devices, but if you prefer playing in 3D (there’s a 2D option, too), pieces are much easier to select properly using a mouse. Click or tap on the piece you want to move, then click or tap on the appropriate spot to play it.


  • Game of kings digitalized in 3D
  • 4 AI strength difficulties
  • An additional 2-player option

Release date

April 2024




All devices

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