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Color Blocks

Stack the Color Blocks on a 10x10 board in an orderly manner in a challenging 2D puzzle game featuring endless gameplay and neon graphics. You’ll be working with up to three Tetris-like blocks at a time, and you’re tasked with finding the optimal placement for each of them. The game is over once there’s no fitting spot to place any of the shapes currently at your disposal.

If you play carelessly, the board gets congested quickly, and to clear it, you must fill every square in a row or column. This is often much harder than it initially may seem, considering you can get pieces of different shapes and sizes on each roll. You will lose eventually, but putting in the mental effort to keep playing for as long as possible is very entertaining.

How to play Color Blocks

Unfortunately, you must use the blocks exactly as they’re given to you — it’s impossible to rotate them. There is no time limitation, so don’t rush when making decisions. A couple of bad moves and unfavorable rolls in a row may decrease your survival chances tremendously.

Always be on the lookout for both vertical and horizontal board-clearing combinations. You may find yourself in a situation you’re missing that perfect shape to clear multiple rows or columns but try not to rely too heavily on only one solution. Seek out different possibilities and avoid creating gaps whenever possible.

What are the controls for Color Blocks?

You can play Color Blocks on both mobile and PC devices. Tap or click, then hold and drag to place a differently shaped block on the 10x10 board.


  • Block stacking 2D puzzle game
  • Endless and challenging gameplay
  • An amazing visualization practice

Release date

April 2023




All devices

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