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Game Crazy Stickman Escape preview
Game Crazy Stickman Escape preview

Crazy Stickman Escape

Crazy Stickman Escape

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Crazy Stickman Escape

After a heist goes wrong, the protagonists end up in a prison cell, and the Stickman Escape begins. Luckily, these stickmen have definitely done this before and know their way around breaking prisons. It’s your job to figure out a way to break the partners in crime from prison without getting caught. Disable the cameras, sneak past the guards, steal some pocket money on your way out, do whatever it takes!

This awesome 2D platform game features up to 60 cleverly designed levels that a single escapee could never complete alone. You must switch between the blue and red stickman to collect two corresponding keys and progress to the next stage. Additionally, you can unlock dozens of hilarious stickmen robber Skins, Spin the wheel of fortune, and claim the Daily gift once you decide to come back!

How to play Stickman Escape

The problems you must solve cooperatively aren’t all that hard, so you should primarily focus on executing timely and precise jumps. Play around with your character in safe positions so you can confidently perform the potentially challenging maneuvers.

If you’re insecure about the next move you should take, try zooming out and looking around to get a fresh perspective. Most problems you may encounter are solved by switching to the other character and helping a buddy out.

What are the controls for Stickman Escape?

You can play Stickman Escape on PC and mobile devices alike. All the controls are easily discerned on mobile, and the PC controls are shown below.

  • Move — WASD
  • Switch character — F
  • Interact — G
  • Look around — Z


  • Red and blue character switching 2D platform game
  • A symbiotic relationship between partners in crime
  • Up to 60 co-op demanding levels

Release date

February 2023




All devices

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