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Death Race Monster Arena

Death Race Monster Arena is an extraordinary 3D 2-player racing game featuring multiple game modes and action-packed gameplay. Figure out creative ways to wreck your ride in “Free drive”, compete against your friend and AI opponents in “Racing”, and complete different stages with a limited amount of time in “Challenge” game modes. Finally, join the demolition “Derby” and reach the highest score by doing the most damage to your opponents’ vehicles. There are 8 unique monster trucks to try out, the graphics are amazing, the gameplay is challenging and entertaining, and you can try out this gem for free today!

How to play Death Race Monster Arena

If you enjoy a 1v1 matchup with a friend, you can turn off the bots for any of the aforementioned game modes. “Free drive” is recommended to begin with, as it will introduce you to the capabilities of your godlike vehicle, but you can also start competing straight away.

The only game mode that requires further explanation — the “Derby” — is also the most entertaining. Simply avoiding getting hit won’t do much for your score, so you must stay aggressive and aim to deal as much damage to your opponents. Try avoiding head-on collisions and rather hit the sides of their vehicles. Push them into the spinning wheel of death for bonus points and good entertainment.

What are the controls for Death Race Monster Arena?

Death Race Monster Arena is playable for free in a PC browser. The controls below are shown for both players 1 and 2.

  • WASD/arrow keys — gas, steer, brake
  • Left shift/N — nitro
  • Space/K — hand brake
  • C/O — change cam
  • T/L — look back
  • R/U — Respawn the vehicle to a previous checkpoint


  • Adrenaline-packed monster truck driving simulation
  • Both single-player and old-fashioned 2-player split-screen available
  • 4 different game modes to try out and 8 unique vehicles to unlock

Release date

March 2023




All devices

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