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Game Favorite Puzzles preview
Game Favorite Puzzles preview

Favorite Puzzles

Favorite Puzzles

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Favorite Puzzles

Favorite Puzzles is the ultimate game for all jigsaw puzzle lovers and probably the only one you’ll ever need if you’re an avid fan of this particular genre. There are dozens of Categories featuring thousands of different images and you can even Create your own puzzles by uploading the image files of choice.

You can set the difficulty by choosing the number of pieces before starting, ranging from 6 to 600. The gameplay is very addictive while the music is relaxing, so you’ll be eager to start the new puzzle as soon as you complete the current one. There are dozens of Achievements to complete, Leaderboards, Daily puzzles, and a weekly Tournament — all designed to keep you engaged and invested.

How to play Favorite Puzzles

The very first step toward solving any jigsaw puzzle is sorting out the edges. Fortunately, in this game, you don’t have to go through all the pieces to find them, since you can simply click the toggle Show edges from the tab on the right. In this tab, you’ll find additional helpful buttons, such as piece placing Hints and showing the Sample of the puzzle image in the background. 

Proper placement of the puzzle pieces triggers a visual and sound cue that indicates you’ve put them in exactly the right spot. For extra immersion, you can toggle the Realistic game mode in the settings menu, but keep in mind that this feature will make the gameplay a bit more challenging.

What are the controls for Favorite Puzzles?

You can play your Favorite Puzzles on both PC and mobile devices. For a more immersive and authentic experience, though, we strongly recommend playing jigsaw puzzle games on touchscreen devices. Click or tap on the puzzle piece to select it, then hold and drag to move it into its designated spot.


  • An exquisite tabletop jigsaw puzzle experience
  • Dozens of image galleries, countless puzzles to complete
  • Daily challenges, Achievements, worldwide Leaderboards

Release date

November 2023


Rad Brothers


All devices

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