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Game Ludo Hero preview
Game Ludo Hero preview

Ludo Hero

Ludo Hero

Theatre mode
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Ludo Hero

Ludo Hero is a classic tabletop dice-rolling game you can play against a bot or in the Online Mode. Test your luck and perfect the strategy against AI opponents or aspiring players worldwide in 2 players or 4 players game modes. 

This awesome game is still very popular across the globe. It has many different names across various countries, but as soon as you start playing, you’ll most likely recognize it instantly.

While luck is most often the determining factor in this famous game, the strategic aspect of it is not to be neglected. The interface is gorgeous, and the gameplay is simple and easy to get into, making this a great high-chance dice game even kids would enjoy dearly.

How to play Ludo Hero

Up to 4 players can play Ludo Hero simultaneously: red, blue, yellow, and green. Each player houses 4 tokens in the yard at the beginning, and to start moving each token across the 52-tile board, you must roll a six first. Consequently, rolling a six allows you to throw the dice again again and take an extra move, up to 2 times in a row.

If your roll results in stopping on the already occupied tile, the opponent’s token will be captured and returned to the yard, and vice versa. The only square where this rule doesn’t apply is the square on which the newly activated tokens are deployed on the board. The final objective is guiding all your tokens safely to the finish before your opponents.

What are the controls for Ludo Hero?

You can play this entertaining classic tabletop game on PC and mobile devices alike. Click or tap on the dice to roll, and then click on the token you want to move. Good luck!


  • A classic tabletop dice game
  • Play against a bot or human players in Online Mode
  • 2 players and 4 players game modes

Release date

June 2019




All devices

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