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Game Mathler preview



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Mathler is a challenging puzzle game that combines mathematics with the popular Wordle-style gameplay, it's similar to Nerdle but easier, so if you're looking for an extra challenge make sure to check that one out too! Mathler stands out as a brain-teasing experience for those who enjoy number puzzles and logical thinking. In the game, you're presented with a daily math puzzle where you'll try to deduce a hidden mathematical equation using provided numbers and basic operations.

How to play Mathler?

  1. Each day, a new puzzle is presented with a target number (the solution to the equation).
  2. You are given six boxes to fill with numbers (0-9) and mathematical operations (+, -, *, /).
  3. The aim is to find the right combination of numbers and operations that equals the given solution. After each attempt, feedback is provided through color coding:

  • Green: Correct digit/operator and correctly placed.
  • Yellow: Correct digit/operator but incorrectly placed.
  • Gray: Incorrect digit/operator.

You have a total of six attempts to solve the puzzle. If solved correctly, you'll get stats like games played, success rate, and longest streak. Good luck!

What are the controls for Mathler?

Using Mouse: Click on the boxes to input your solution and select the numbers and operations.


  • Color-Coded Feedback: for tracking progress and making corrections
  • Game History: tracks your played games, success rate, streaks
  • Share Button: to share your success while cleverly hiding the solution
  • Multiple Solutions: different ways to reach the target number

Release date

March 2024


Daniel Tait


All devices

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