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Game Merge the Numbers preview
Game Merge the Numbers preview

Merge the Numbers

Merge the Numbers

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Merge the Numbers

The squares containing different values quickly pile up on the board unless you promptly and efficiently Merge the Numbers. Doing so makes more space for the additional rows of tiles spawning from below. Playing this awesome high-score puzzle game will greatly improve your decision-making and problem-solving while enticing you to think and act quickly.

The board is 6 columns wide and 8 rows high, and after the timer at the top expires, a new set of randomly generated cubes spawns at the bottom row, pushing the other pieces up. Merging two identical numbers creates a single square with a +1 value. Once any of the number of squares exceeds the puzzle’s upper boundary, the game is over, and the objective is to keep playing for as long as possible.

How to play Merge the Numbers

The ultimate goal is merging the numbers until you’ve created a value-30 square, and this is far easier said than done. Each next row of tiles spawns slightly faster, and the seemingly casual gameplay quickly becomes fast-paced and hectic.

Sometimes you’ll have to move a few blocks to open up the tiles with matching pairs on the board. If you have spare time left before the next row appears, use it to rearrange the remaining squares so you can easily access most of them at any moment.

What are the controls for Merge the Numbers?

You can Merge the Numbers on both PC and mobile. However, due to its fast-paced nature and hectic gameplay, the puzzler feels somewhat better on mobile. Click or tap on the number square, then hold and drag to move it around the board and merge it with the identical ones.


  • An addictive tile-merging board puzzle
  • Seemingly simple yet quite challenging gameplay
  • Perception, quick thinking, and decision-making exercise

Release date

March 2020


Eagle Games


All devices

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