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Stick Merge

Stick Merge is an amazing action game. Aim your crosshair on targets to shoot and merge weapons to progress!

How to play Stick Merge?

Stick Merge is a fun idle game! Buy weapons and drag them onto each other to merge them. The weapons you merge will earn you passive income which you can reuse and buy more weapons. Keep on merging weapons to make them super powerful! Once you’ve leveled up your weapons, head on over to the shooting range. Here you can fight in a shootout against stick figures. Steady and aim your crosshairs on them to shoot. After you beat all the enemies in the range, you’ll earn diamonds. Use these diamonds to buy customizations for your character.

As the game gets progressively difficult, you might struggle to collect enough gold to merge weapons later on. If so, your best strategy would be to buy lower-level weapons from the shop to start producing more income. You can also merge these weapons to upgrade the total amount of money you receive.

What are the controls for Stick Merge?

Stick Merge is an easy-to-play game and its controls are simple!

If you’re playing on desktop, use your left mouse button to drag weapons onto each other to merge. When you’re in the shooting range, you don’t have to click any buttons to shoot. Just aim your crosshair at the enemy and the game auto-shoots your weapon.

On mobile, you’ll have to tap a weapon and drag it onto another to merge. To buy more weapons, simply tap on the button at the bottom of the screen.


  • Simplistic design. Stick Merge is a simple game to play! Your goal is to merge weapons and keep going to see how powerful they can become!
  • Progression system. The game starts off easy for the first few levels but it becomes progressively harder as you level up.
  • Customizations. In Stick Merge, you have the opportunity to customize your character and play as you want to!

Release date

April 2021




All devices

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