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Minecraft Runner

Minecraft Runner is an amazing 2D platform jumping game featuring relaxing pixelated graphics, plenty of hilarious character skins, and addictive endless gameplay. The protagonist is quick, agile, and can jump surprisingly high and far, even without using the double jump ability.

The game mechanics are deceivingly simple, and once you fail to make the jump for the first time, you’ll continue running in the Netherworld, which essentially grants you an extra life. To return to the Overworld you must pick up 10 obsidian stones, and other collectibles scattered along the stage can be used to customize your character’s appearance.

How to play Minecraft Runner 

To keep running for as long as possible, it’s essential to determine the distance and trajectory of each jump. Don’t underestimate your character’s abilities and try to rely on the single jump ability whenever it gets the job done. If you’re standing on an elevated platform, you might not even have to jump to cross the upcoming gap.

The double jump ability is your lifeline once you've misjudged the situation; it can be used to make any necessary mid-air adjustments. The tricky thing about it is that sometimes the double jump may take your character too far and straight into the abyss. One more important point to keep in mind is that in the beginning, you shouldn't focus on picking up the valuable collectibles but solely on keeping your character alive for as long as possible. 

What are the controls for Minecraft Runner?

Minecraft Runner is yet to be mobile optimized, but you can play it for free in a PC browser. Press the space key to jump or double jump.


  • A Minecraft-inspired 2D platform jumping game
  • Relaxing and addictive endless gameplay
  • Collectibles enable hilarious character customization 
  • Timely jumps or double jumps are the key to victory

Release date

February 2020





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