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Game Noob vs Pro preview
Game Noob vs Pro preview

Noob vs Pro

Noob vs Pro

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Noob vs Pro

Noob vs Pro is an extraordinary 2D pixelated multi-stage action game with a hilarious story, epic sound effects, RPG elements, and captivating gameplay. Besides the regular campaign mode, the real tryhards can attempt the gruelingly challenging Speedrun with no progress saving. Two friends have finally found the elusive diamond apple tree, but the Hacker antagonist steals it before their eyes. As usual, Noob starts raging, but Pro has a plan to retrieve what’s rightfully theirs.

After hacking and slashing through the linear stage stacked with zombies the dynamic duo reaches the high heavens to have a word with God. The archetypical anthropomorphic supreme creator is willing to help you on your quest, but there are many favors to complete in return first. Each stage features completely different game mechanics, making the gameplay multi-dimensional and always enjoyable.

How to play Noob vs Pro

To make the first few zombie kills, you want to switch tanking the attacks between Noob and Pro. After becoming healthy enough to take a few hits, focus on boosting the attack speed and attack power stats. With just a few points in them, you can basically one-shot the brain-eaters without taking any damage if the strikes are timed right.

What are the controls for Noob vs Pro?

Playing Noob vs Pro is equally enjoyable on both PC and mobile. The controls for each different stage are explicitly explained just before starting it and are especially intuitive while playing on a mobile device, requiring no further explanation.

If playing in a PC browser, use the WASD or arrow keys for movement and hit Space to swing the melee weapon. Use the left mouse button to shoot while Noob is facing the Evil God or Hacker, and hit Space to jump while driving the car.


  • An extraordinary 2D multi-genre action platformer
  • Pixelated retro graphics and epic sound effects
  • Hilarious story and RPG elements
  • Multi-dimensional fun gameplay
  • The inception of a successful franchise

Release date

August 2022


Noob vs Pro team


All devices

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