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Pou Online

Pou Online is an amazing pet simulation game perfectly suitable for kids and adults alike. Your beloved pet is quite needy and requires constant care, but you can’t help but please it because Pou deserves the best. Feed, bathe, and take Pou out on walks regularly. Earn coins while playing water hop outside and use them to buy hilarious outfits and tasty treats.

The example that you’ve taken your pet’s well-being a bit too far is when your Pou has a separate bedroom, and a closet stacked with cute outfits. Does it need any of it? Absolutely not, but it sure looks so cute and hilarious in them!

How to play Pou Online

There are 5 rooms to explore in your household, but most of the time, you’ll spend in the bathroom soaping and washing Pou. If you don’t mind that your pet gets dirty quite quickly, you can enjoy other activities, such as trying out new looks in the closet. Besides munching meals from the fridge you can also brew different potions in the lab.

From the hall, you and your companion can exit the house and go on a fun prompt walk. While outside, you’ll play Water Hop — a time-limited mini-game. Don’t panic about the timer and focus on making correct decisions to avoid falling into the water.

What are the controls for Pou Online?

You can play Pou Online on all devices. Follow the instructions and click or tap to explore the interface. While playing Water Hop, tap left to single-hop or tap right to double-hop.


  • Your beloved Pou needs some TLC 
  • Hilarious character customization
  • The gameplay is different in each of the 5 rooms
  • Great entertainment for kids and adults alike

Release date

April 2023


Codo Studio


All devices

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