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Game Rocket Clash 3D preview
Game Rocket Clash 3D preview

Rocket Clash 3D

Rocket Clash 3D

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Rocket Clash 3D

Rocket Clash 3D is a real-time multiplayer game where you’ll be fighting over a missile base in a team deathmatch. The goal is to work tactically with your teammates to eliminate the enemy.

This third-person shooter game features 3D graphics and fast-paced gameplay. With hidden resources such as weapons and health boosts on the way, you’ll explore multiple parts of the map before the time runs out and upgrade your character throughout the game. In addition, you’re able to invite friends to play with you on your team before entering the game.

How to play Rocket Clash 3D

In Rocket Clash 3D, your role is to defeat the enemy coming in to try to take over the missile base. You can easily identify the invading troopers and shoot them down. Moreover, remember to collect extra resources on the way, which is advantageous to your team’s victory.

On the other hand, do your best to keep away from the hazardous chemicals around the place since you’ll get hurt upon getting into contact with it. Try to find the hidden rocket launcher before your enemy does, to score more frags and tip the scales in your team’s favor. And last but not least, don’t forget to upgrade weapons to increase your chance of winning the next battles.

What are the controls for Rocket Clash 3D?

Rocket Clash 3D offers easy access on PC and mobile. On PC, use the following keys to play the game:

  • WASD to move forth, back, left, and right respectively
  • C to crouch and spacebar to jump
  • Tab to open the score table
  • Right mouse button to zoom and aim
  • Left mouse button to shoot

On mobile, simply use the on-screen controllers for movements. Then, tap and drag for aim and shot.


  • Fast-paced, tactical shooter game with character progression
  • Teamwork, hazardous chemicals, and hidden resources 
  • Multiplayer experience with the option to play with friends

Release date

March 2019


OOO Frivei Interaktiv


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