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Santa's Delivery


Santa's Delivery

Put the required number of presents under every Christmas tree and make all the kids happy in Santa’s Delivery — an epic 2D brain game. Featuring lovely pixel-art graphics and excellent level design, this title is a perfect example that great gameplay is what gaming is all about. If you enjoy games that require you to thoroughly calculate every move and always think a few steps ahead, Santa’s Delivery is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

How to play Santa’s Delivery?

Santa’s job is far from an easy one, and in Santa’s Delivery, you’ll get to experience the struggle firsthand. You need to push the presents to hit a Christmas tree, escape through the chimney then victoriously ride away in the reindeer sleigh. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, maybe it is in the first couple of levels, but it soon becomes a nightmare.

The tricky thing is that Santa won’t stop until he hits something, be it a present box, a tree, or a brick wall. Therefore you need to make clever choices when figuring out the best route to take. If standing adjacent to the present box, you won’t be able to move it, so there must be at least one free tile between you and the gifts to push them in the desired direction.

Atop each Christmas tree, there's a number that indicates how many presents you must allocate to it. Always keep in mind that after completing the task, you need to escape through the chimney and choose the delivery route accordingly.

What are the controls for Santa’s Delivery?

You can play Santa’s Delivery on a PC, tablet, or smartphone device. On a touchscreen device, swipe to move, or use WASD or arrow keys on a PC.


  • Very challenging 2D brain game
  • 20 increasingly difficult levels
  • Deliver all the presents and ride away in your epic reindeer sleigh

March 2023


Cross platform