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Stair Race 3D

Stair Race 3D is an exciting single-player platform running game featuring 20 unique levels, simple graphics, and entertaining gameplay. Differently colored stickmen (you’re controlling the blue one) are collecting Lego-like blocks to build bridges toward higher platforms. The first one to reach the final platform wins.

The fun part is that when the stickmen collide with each other, the one carrying more blocks knocks out the other guy. Whoever falls is stunned briefly, and the dropped blocks become grey, which means any other player can pick them up. This makes the race fiercely competitive, and to own the AI opponents in style, you can purchase cool hats, skins, and accessories.

How to play Stair Race 3D

Gaining an upper hand in the very beginning is crucial because it allows you to easily snowball every race. Likewise, falling behind early is hard to recover from, especially if the opponent has managed to reach the next platform way before you. Optimally, you want to carry the most blocks on the current platform and control the entrances to the bridges. 

Not all the AIs will thrive in the competitive setting and you must focus on disabling the currently strongest rival. If you’re carrying fewer blocks than the opponents, it’s better to let them turn in the stack to avoid getting knocked out and wait for a better opportunity to clash.

What are the controls for Stair Race 3D?

You can play Stair Race 3D on both PC and mobile devices. Use the arrow keys to move the stickman on a PC, or hold and drag your finger across the screen on a mobile.


  • An incredible single-player platform running game
  • Blocks collected are used as bridge-building materials
  • Fierce AI stickmen competitors across 20 levels
  • The first to reach the highest platform wins
  • Cool skins, hats, and accessories

Release date

May 2023


Famobi GmbH


All devices

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