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Game Stickman Climb! preview
Game Stickman Climb! preview

Stickman Climb!

Stickman Climb!

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Stickman Climb!

Stickman Climb! is a simple yet challenging 2D platform game with catchy physics-based gameplay. The protagonist is trapped inside a cauldron as if he’s captured by a cannibalistic tribe — and they’re having stickman for dinner! 

Luckily, our hero is wielding a pickaxe and has impressive upper-body strength. This allows him to make full 360° swings with the trusty tool and propel himself across various obstacles without breaking a sweat.

It’s your job to skillfully guide the character to the red flag at the finish of each of the 25 levels available. While in the first few levels, you can simply spin-to-win, the gameplay becomes much more challenging and equally more interesting in the later stages.

How to play Stickman Climb!

In this game, spiky triangles are the objects to avoid. Touching them even with the tip of your weapon will result in a respawn at the previous checkpoint. If you’re uncertain of the path you should take, pay attention to the arrows in the background.

Cling onto the protruding squares or edges across the map to propel your character in the desired direction. The angular distance you cover in a continuous weapon swing will affect the linear speed of your character after the lift-off.

Play around with your weapon when in a safe place to test your ability to slightly readjust the stickman’s position. Practice this skill because it is very useful and often necessary to complete the more difficult levels.

What are the controls for Stickman Climb!?

You can play Stickman Climb! on both mobile and PC devices. Tap and hold the left or right half of your touchscreen device to rotate the weapon in the desired direction. Use the left arrow/A key or the right arrow/D key on a PC.


  • An amazing physics-based 2D platform brain game
  • Up to 25 progressively more challenging levels
  • Interesting gameplay with an emphasis on perfect release timing

Release date

September 2021




All devices

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