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Sugar Heroes

Sugar Heroes is probably one of the sweetest match-3 puzzles out there, featuring vivid graphics, funny storytelling dialogues, brain-stimulating gameplay, and countless levels to complete. The objective is to swap adjacent tiles and create 3+ matches until you’ve completed the objectives in a limited amount of moves.

The first couple of introductory levels are fairly simple, but the gameplay becomes more challenging as new game mechanics are gradually introduced. You’ll unlock powerful hero tiles, purchase up to three boosters to aid you in completing complex puzzles, and collaborate with NPCs to save your lovely candy town from an unknown threat.

How to play Sugar Heroes

Unlike the amount of moves, time is unlimited, so don’t rush making plays but first analyze the board thoroughly. To complete each level, you must match a predetermined number of specific sweets, so focus on matching the required tiles whenever possible. Sometimes, you must make a few preparation moves before achieving the desired outcome.

Matching more than 3 candies in a row or column will create special and hero tiles that will allow you to clear the board more efficiently later on. Four-tile matches spawn specific heroes, each with unique abilities. To activate these heroes, you must match them with sweets of the corresponding colors. Matching 5-in-a-row creates the omnipotent rainbow lollipop, that can be matched with any adjacent candy to clear all of its kind from the board.

What are the controls for Sugar Heroes?

You can enjoy Sugar Heroes on both PC and mobile web for free on our website. The controls on both platforms are simple and intuitive. Click or tap on the candy, then repeat to swap it with the suitable adjacent one and match triplets.


  • Probably the sweetest match-3 puzzle out there
  • Vivid graphics especially appealing to kids
  • 3+ matches spawn hero and special tiles
  • Funny dialogues and immersive storytelling

Release date

August 2020


Clever Apps Pte. Ltd.


All devices

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