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An all-time classic gets the long-awaited 3D version in 3D SNAKE, and it’s everything you could have hoped for! The graphics are far from impressive, but so was the case with the original Snake Game, and that didn’t stop us from spending countless hours playing and enjoying every second of it, right?

In this entertaining and addictive game, you can rotate the camera, zoom in and out, but also experience controlling the snake from the first-person point of view. Grass and Lava stages are available, but also a couple of epic accessories and different snake colors to unlock in the Shop.

How to play 3D SNAKE

3D SNAKE only eats fruit, and each apple the serpent swallows adds a single point to the score and makes it longer. After every ten points scored, the snake picks up speed, which may seem insignificant early on but makes the game progressively more challenging as you grow bigger.

You must avoid falling off the platform and crashing the snake’s head into its body. The latter is especially challenging once the serpent becomes huge. When choosing the optimal trajectory to devour an apple, ensure having a secure escape route, too.

What are the controls for 3D SNAKE?

You can enjoy this amazing game on PC and mobile devices alike. Click or tap on the Controls menu to enable or disable the first-person perspective. On PC, click and hold, then move the mouse to rotate the camera, scroll to zoom in and out, and the left and right arrow keys to steer.

Press the arrows on your screen to steer on mobile and use your fingers to manipulate the camera.


  • An incredible snake game featuring 3D graphics and first-person mode
  • Up to 3 snake colors and 2 epic accessories to unlock
  • Addictive gameplay on 2 different stages

Release date

July 2019


Joakim Nyland


All devices

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