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A Silly Journey


A Silly Journey

A Silly Journey begins as the Mushroom man decides to embark on an epic journey of finding his true self deep in the woods. Being an inexperienced camper, he unsuspectingly left the sack of gold around the campfire and spent a dreamy night in his tent. Waking up, he was stunned to find out that the filthy scoundrels had ransacked his camp overnight. The brigands must have been in a hurry, they’ve even dropped a few coins while running away. It is a good enough lead for the Mushroom man to follow and reclaim what he rightfully owns.

How to play A Silly Journey

In this incredibly challenging platform running game, you must collect a set number of coins to complete each level. You have a total of 5 health points, and almost everything that’s moving will try and kill you. Except for platforms, they’re just so narrow and almost feel slippery.

This game isn’t for everyone, really. If you’re into tryhard old-school platform games, you probably already know by now that you must use the movement keys meticulously. Adjusting your trajectory mid-flight can be really demanding at times, but if you’re vigilant enough, you’ll learn how to do it with ease. Games like this one really do greatly improve your hand-eye coordination and reflexes. You can jump even if you slip from a platform, it saved my life a couple of times.

What are the controls for A Silly Journey?

A Silly Journey is playable for free exclusively in a PC browser. Use WASD or arrow keys for movement. You can jump by hitting the space button, too.


  • An updated Mario-like platform running game
  • Up to 10 increasingly difficult levels
  • A journey to reclaim what’s rightfully yours

March 2023


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