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BADLAND online is a captivating side-scrolling action-adventure platformer based on the original BADLAND that has won numerous awards, now you can play it for free in your browser! It is set in a breathtaking forest that is home to various creatures, trees, and flowers. Despite the forest's enchanting appearance reminiscent of a fairy tale, something is amiss.

How to play BADLAND?

In the browser version of "Badland," players control a small, black, flying creature called "Clony" as they navigate through a dark, mysterious forest filled with various obstacles, traps, and challenges. The objective of the game is to reach the end of each level while avoiding the hazards and staying ahead of the ever-scrolling screen.

Like the original version, the browser version maintains the game's signature visual style, featuring silhouetted foreground elements against a vividly colored and detailed background. This unique art style creates an immersive and enchanting atmosphere, drawing players into the game's world.

Some players might notice a similarity with the gameplay to the well known classic, "Flappy Bird".

What are the controls for BADLAND?

Click or tap on the screen to flap your creature's wings and fly upwards. You can also hold down the mouse button or finger on the screen to stay up continuously.


  • Atmospheric side-scrolling gameplay: Players navigate through a dark and mysterious forest, with the screen constantly moving forward.
  • Unique visual style: Silhouetted foreground elements contrast against vividly colored and detailed backgrounds, creating an immersive experience.
  • Simplified controls: Players control the flying creature, Clony, using a mouse or by tapping on their screen
  • Obstacles and traps: Players must avoid various hazards, such as spinning blades, crushing platforms, and explosive mines, to reach the end of each level.

Release date

February 2017




All devices

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