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Call of Tanks

Call of Tanks is an epic mix of real-time strategy and tower defense games set in the modern warfare era featuring addictive tactical gameplay, a total of 20 levels, and lovely aesthetics. There are 5 missions available for all easy, moderate, hard, and insane difficulties, and getting even halfway through the campaign is quite challenging.

Once you deploy units from your base and they are on the battlefield, you’ll have no more control over them. Each tank, chopper, or ATV follows an encoded behavior pattern and has unique strengths and weaknesses. The objective is to destroy your enemy’s Command Center while defending your own. 

How to play Call of Tanks

For completing each mission, you’ll earn resources to purchase better army Bases, upgrade your Defenses, Tanks, and various other military vehicles. There are a total of 10 units and 6 base structures available in this game, so take your time to learn their abilities and start theory-crafting.

The deployment placement of your units, their synergy in a tightly packed group, and the efficient use of cash are the keys to victory. It’s usually better to focus your assaults on one side of the battlefield until you’ve made a chunk in the enemy defenses.

What are the controls for Call of Tanks?

Call of Tanks is currently exclusively playable in a PC browser. Click on an available unit, then hold and drag to deploy it inside a green rectangle in front of your base. Use the arrow keys or click on the mini-map to move the camera across the battlefield.


  • Modern warfare RTS/tower defense crossover
  • A total of 20 easy, moderate, hard, and insane missions
  • Purchase stronger Bases, upgrade your Defenses and Tanks
  • Up to 10 unit types and 6 buildings

Release date

June 2021




All devices

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