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Game Chicken Wars Merge Guns preview
Game Chicken Wars Merge Guns preview

Chicken Wars Merge Guns

Chicken Wars Merge Guns

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Chicken Wars Merge Guns

Chicken Wars Merge Guns is an engaging tower defense strategy game where players are tasked with defending the lands of chickens using guns. The game combines elements of action, strategy, and merge mechanics, offering a unique twist to the traditional tower defense genre.

How to play Chicken Wars Merge Guns?

In Chicken Wars Merge Guns, your primary goal is to defend against waves of enemies by merging chicken warriors. These chickens are your defense line against various attacking monsters. The game allows you to merge warriors of the same level to create more powerful chicken defenders. You'll need to strategically place and merge these chicken warriors to efficiently defend your land. As you progress, the difficulty increases, making it essential to continuously upgrade your warriors and utilize power-ups effectively. The game features 20 challenging levels, with each new level introducing more powerful incoming monsters.

What are the controls for Chicken Wars Merge Guns?

On PC and Mobile

  • Tap and drag: Move or merge the chicken warriors


  • Pure tower defense strategy with a fun twist
  • 2D cartoon chicken warriors and monsters
  • Ability to merge warriors for stronger defense
  • Various upgrades including The Shield, Double Damage, and Double Coins
  • In-game Booster Shop for power-ups
  • Quest Claim rewards
  • A total of 20 engaging levels

Release date

February 2024




All devices

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