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Classic Bowling

Immerse yourself in the vintage vibes and thrilling excitement of Classic Bowling, a 2D game that brings the all-time favorite sport of bowling right at your fingertips. Offering endless fun and engagement, it's time to step up, take aim, and knock down those pins!

How to Play Classic Bowling

Classic Bowling makes you a part of the alley excitement from the very first roll. Aim to strike down as many pins as possible for the ultimate show of skill. The game brilliantly captures the strategy and precision that the real-life sport demands. You need to balance between moving the ball right and left, deciding the power, and imparting a spin for that perfect curve.

Remember, strategy is key - sometimes a straight shot may be best, but on other occasions, a well-executed curveball can earn you a satisfying strike!

Mastering the Controls for Classic Bowling

Whether you're on a desktop or mobile, Classic Bowling's controls are tailor-made for easy navigation and a seamless bowling experience. Desktop users can utilize their mouse to dictate the aim and force of the throw, with the space bar acting as a switch for adjusting position, power, and spin. For mobile users, convenient on-screen controls replace the mouse and space bar, ensuring every strike and spare feels just as satisfying, regardless of the device. This intuitive system allows beginners to quickly get the hang of it, while still providing a nuanced experience for the bowling virtuosos out there.


  • Encapsulates real-life bowling with strategy and precision
  • User-friendly controls for all players
  • Nostalgic feel due to classic 2D design
  • High-scoring fun aiming for a perfect game

In Classic Bowling, every roll counts. Whether you're a long-time bowling enthusiast or someone looking for a fun, casual game, Classic Bowling promises a captivating experience. So, lace up those bowling shoes, and let's hit the lanes!

Release date

June 2020


Games Hub Studio


All devices

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