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Game Colorfle preview
Game Colorfle preview



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Colorfle is a captivating online game that challenges players to experiment with color blending. This creative and skillful game involves matching a target color by mixing primary colors. It's not just about color matching, but about achieving the perfect hue, which requires a good eye for color and understanding of color theory.

This is an unlimited version of the original game created by us at HahaGames, meaning you can play it as much as you like without any limits!

How to play Colorfle?

  1. Compose Your Guess: You have six attempts to guess the target color, try to pick colors that when combined create the color as shown on the right side of the circle
  2. Submit Your Guess: Once satisfied with your color composition, submit your answer by pressing "Enter". You can also correct your answer before submitting by pressing the "Delete" button
  3. Analyze the Result: The game provides feedback on your guess, indicating correct colors and their proportions. A green ring around the color means the color is correct and in the right place, a yellow ring around the color means the color is correct but it isn't in the correct place, a grey ring around the color means the color doesn't exist in the correct answer at all
  4. Repeat and Improve: Use each attempt to refine your guess towards the perfect color match

If you're looking for an added challenge, try out the "Hard" mode as well where you have to correctly guess the order of four colors instead of three!

What are the controls for Colorfle?

Simply click or tap on the colors to combine them, trying to match the sample!


  • Daily Color Challenges: New puzzles to solve every day
  • Interactive Color Mixing: Mix primary colors to match a target hue
  • Feedback System: After each guess, receive hints about the accuracy of your color
  • Learning Color Theory: Enhance your understanding of color relationships
  • Cognitive Benefits: Improve color perception and problem-solving skills

Release date

May 2024




All devices

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