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CrazySteve.io is a unique Minecraft-inspired hack-and-slash battle royale game featuring intensely competitive and hilariously entertaining gameplay. The hardest part of this game is the very beginning while most players on the battlefield can overpower you easily. Be quick to pick up the first helmet you get your hands on to protect yourself, find a trusty sword, or shoot arrows and throw dynamites at your foes from afar.

You’ll either hate or love this game — and often both — so it isn’t for everyone. It may take quite some practice before you’re able to grow absurdly big and dominate the map. But if you like playing action RPGs in the hardcore game mode and don’t mind starting over from level one after each death, you’re in for a treat.

How to play CrazySteve.io

Picking your battles is essential for long-term success. You gain experience by looting diamonds and apples across the map. The bigger eliminated players are, the more diamonds they’ll drop, so naturally, others will team up to try and slay the big guy.

You’ll die a lot in this game, and after respawning, it’s best to scavenge for a while before you start making big plays. Swords and helmets come in different tiers, so make sure to get the best ones available. There are plenty of useful items to pick up, such as teleport orbs for example, and you can carry and use up to 2 items at a time.

What are the controls for CrazySteve.io?

CrazySteve.io is yet to be mobile-optimized, but you can play it for free in a PC browser.

  • Mouse move — move
  • Left mouse button — attack
  • Right mouse button — speed boost
  • 1 and 2 keys — switch weapons
  • E — pick up item
  • F — mount/dismount


  • An immaculate 2D action-MMORPG battle royale game
  • Competitive, challenging, and hilarious gameplay
  • Easy to get into, difficult to master
  • Simultaneous PvP/PvE action, mobs, bosses, and players

Release date

June 2022


K&S Games


All devices

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