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Game Paper.io 3D preview
Game Paper.io 3D preview

Paper.io 3D

Paper.io 3D

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Paper.io 3D

Paper.io 3D is the latest exciting entry in the renowned Paper series, where players engage in territorial battles, annex parts to their domains, and strike unsuspecting rivals, now in a captivating 3D landscape. This innovative sequel offers a fresh spin to the well-known mechanics, trading the 2D flatland of "Paper.io 2" for a dynamic 3D world ripe for exploration and conquest.

How to play Paper.io 3D?

Players move around the map, leaving a trail behind them. Closing the line fills the enclosed area with their color, effectively claiming it. Players can seize territories already captured by enemies, but the same threat looms over their territories. The key rule remains: never let another player intersect your trail before you complete the line, or you'll face defeat.

Paper.io 3D enriches the gameplay by challenging players to think creatively about establishing their supremacy on the map, while retaining the fun and casual appeal of the original. Accessible from anywhere with a stable internet connection, it offers an ongoing battle for glory against thousands of players online.

Paper.io 3D elevates the traditional PvP arena into a thrilling game of territorial dominance where players literally draw their kingdom boundaries. This edition, while maintaining the original formula, introduces a new dimension that adds a realistic, immersive feel to the game.

What are the controls for Paper.io 3D?

  • On desktop devices, navigate the environment using directional keys, touchscreen, or dragging the cursor
  • On mobile devices touch the screen to move


  • Familiar top-down gameplay with additional depth
  • Seven unlockable unique maps featuring diverse terrains such as plains, hills, and valleys
  • Impressive graphics that perform well

Release date

April 2021




All devices

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