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Worm Hunt

Worm Hunt is an exciting online multiplayer snake game featuring cute 2D graphics, relaxing music, and highly entertaining gameplay. You can play this awesome game competitively or casually and have loads of fun either way. You’ll delve into the vast arena stacked with up to 99 players, and there are four game modes available, each presenting you with a unique challenge.

To make the gameplay even more interesting and rewarding you can purchase various boosters at the Shop, complete the Daily Tasks, and plenty of Achievements to earn valuable gems. Lest we forget, as you’re leveling up many hilarious worm specimens are unlocked at the Farm, and you can upgrade many game-changing stats for each and every one of them.

How to play Worm Hunt

The four game modes available are concisely explained via in-game tooltips, so none of them require a further introduction. Make sure to try them all out and figure out which one suits your personal preferences the most.

With so many huge worms around you in the beginning, the map may seem quite intimidating, but keep in mind that patience is the key to victory. As you’re growing bigger it becomes much easier to make offensive plays, so make sure to steadily work toward your end goals.

What are the controls for Worm Hunt?

You can play Worm Hunt on both PC and mobile web. 

While playing on a PC, use the mouse pointer to direct the worm’s movement and click and hold left or right to turn on the speed boost. 

If mobile is your preferred gaming platform, tap and hold anywhere on your touchscreen device, and the joystick button pops up. Tap and hold anywhere else to slither more swiftly.


  • A fabulous 2D multiplayer snake game revamped
  • Up to four game modes with unique objectives
  • Daily Tasks, Achievements, plenty of characters, and upgrades

Release date

October 2022


Wild Spike


All devices

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