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Crescent Solitaire

Discovering Crescent Solitaire will be a delightful surprise if you haven’t already. It’s an amazing spinoff of one of the most-played PC card games ever. The game’s objective is to arrange two card decks spread around the crescent outer piles in an orderly manner on the 8 foundation stacks in the center.

The foundation piles are divided into two rows. You must stack the bottom ones in the same suit from ace to king, and the top four inversely — from king to ace. Even with unlimited hints, your strategic decisions will greatly affect the chances of winning, and it may take quite a few tries to complete the game even once.

How to play Crescent Solitaire

You can move the open cards in the crescent piles from higher to lower values and vice versa as long as they’re of the same suit. If all the cards from these piles are depleted, you won’t be able to move other ones to the free spots. You can use the Shuffle up to three times in a single playthrough once you’re out of moves to create fresh card-stacking combinations.

When you move a card from the pile without placing it on top of another, you’ll gain valuable information about the next card below it. Use this to determine the optimal course of action.

What are the controls for Crescent Solitaire?

Crescent Solitaire plays great on both PC and mobile devices. Click or tap on the cards, then hold and drag to move them around the table until you’ve arranged all the foundation piles in an orderly manner.


  • A worthy spinoff of the immensely popular PC card game
  • Two 52-card decks to be arranged in 8 foundation piles
  • Challenging gameplay even with unlimited hints and 3 shuffles

Release date

August 2018




All devices

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