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Dad 'n' Me

Dad ’n’ Me is a hilarious 2.5D fighting game in which you’ll control the cone-headed purple mutant kid that has some serious beef with humankind. Don’t let the name of the game fool you into thinking this game is made for kids.

The gameplay is fast-paced and addictive, but also very violent, because the purple invader you’ll control is here to annihilate all human life it encounters. Punching animations are weirdly satisfying, and the NPCs become more powerful the further you progress.

It’s hard to imagine how mankind wronged the purple avengers to make them so mad. It’s obvious that the protagonist is here to make a statement and unleash furious anger to make his dad proud.

How to play Dad ’n’ Me

Some NPCs are completely defenseless, so they serve as great target dummies to practice different combos. Since the gameplay is quite hectic and chaotic, most of the time, you’ll be smacking away at your keyboard, which is a good thing. The harder part is repeating the same combo twice, but who cares what you’re pressing if it gets the job done!

There are plenty of creative ways to eliminate enemies, such as picking up the smaller humans and tossing them at bigger ones! You can also carry various objects across the stage and throw them at your enemies, which is especially important when they’re coming at you on wheels.

What are the controls for Dad ’n’ Me?

Unfortunately, Dad ’n’ Me is yet to be mobile-optimized, but you can play it for free in a PC browser.

  • Arrow keys — move
  • Arrow keys twice — run
  • A — jab/pick up and throw objects
  • S — strong attack


  • Extravagant 2.5D single-stage brawling game
  • You’re a purple mutant kid that’s here to destroy all humans
  • The gameplay is challenging and addictive
  • Great fighting animations and sound effects

Release date

March 2023





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