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Game Feudalism 3 preview
Game Feudalism 3 preview

Feudalism 3

Feudalism 3

Theatre mode
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Feudalism 3

Feudalism 3 is an amazing 2.5D action RPG featuring exciting hack-and-slash battles, 5 playable factions, gorgeous graphics, epic music, and well-balanced gameplay. Your character is the army general, and besides leveling up, learning new skills, and obtaining more powerful items, you’ll also recruit troops to help you out on many challenging quests ahead.

You can play as a prominent member of Arcane Empire, Snake Clan, Sun Kingdom, Inquisition, and Frost Legion, and choose whether you’ll lead the charge as the melee fighter or dominate the battlefield from afar. Your character creation choices will greatly affect the gameplay, so this game isn’t only huge and epic but also highly replayable.

How to play Feudalism 3

The well-written tooltips and dialogues do a great job of introducing you to the basic game mechanics and offer valuable information about everything you need to know. Besides explaining the complex features in a way that’s easy to understand, the dialogues will also reveal the immersive storyline bit by bit.

You can build your character into a heavily armored tank, a swift assassin, a deadly marksman, or a powerful mage. This largely depends on the faction you choose, but also the distribution of your skills & stats and itemization choices. Try out at least a couple of options before committing to your epic journey to figure out which playstyle suits you the most.

What are the controls for Feudalism 3?

You can play Feudalism 3 on both PC and mobile web. 

Use your left mouse button to move and use the basic attack on PC and assign your skills to the 0-9 hotkeys. 

Tap to move and attack if you prefer playing on mobile, and tap on the skills at the bottom of your screen to use them.


  • An incredible 2.5D action RPG
  • 5 playable factions
  • You’re a powerful army general
  • Skills, items, and stat upgrades

Release date

January 2022




All devices

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