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Halloween Word Search

Halloween Word Search is a festive puzzle game that serves as a great verbal intelligence exercise for kids and adults alike. In each of the three progressively more difficult levels, the objective is to find all the required words on a 9-by-9 board filled with letters.

While the words you’ll search for in each of the levels available remain unchanged throughout the game, each time you retry, they’ll be hidden elsewhere. Each word is accompanied by a cute illustration, so the game is especially attractive for kids, and besides being fun, it’s also educational.

How to play Halloween Word Search

The hidden words you’re searching for may be oriented vertically, horizontally, and diagonally. Reading from right to left or from bottom to top may feel strange in the beginning, but it’s essential to keep an eye out for solutions in all directions.

A great way to start searching for the required word is to remember the first syllable and look closely across the board for matches. When you spot the starting letter, check all the adjacent squares for the next one and work your way from there.

If you’re still having trouble, try to determine which of the letters comprising the words are the least present in the puzzle. When searching for a double-letter word, the easiest way to find it is by detecting the position of the two same consecutive letters.

What are the controls for Halloween Word Search?

You can play Halloween Word Search on PC and mobile devices. Click or tap, then hold and drag to cross out the targeted words.


  • A festive word search game for kids and adults alike
  • An entertaining way of stimulating verbal intelligence
  • Spooky music and background graphics

Release date

October 2020


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All devices

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