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Game I Want Watermelon preview
Game I Want Watermelon preview

I Want Watermelon

I Want Watermelon

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I Want Watermelon

I Want Watermelon, also known as the "Suika Watermelon Game", often simply called "Suika," is a captivating fruit puzzle game that combines elements of Tetris and strategic fruit merging. In this game, you stack and merge various fruits within a box, aiming to create the largest fruit of all - the watermelon. It's known for its engaging, physics-based gameplay and has become quite popular since its release, especially after gaining a strong following online through streamers and social media.

How to play I Want Watermelon?

Start Playing

You will see an empty box at the start of the game where you will drop your fruits.

Merging Fruits

Drop fruits into the box by clicking or tapping the screen where you want them to fall. The fruits will stay where they land unless moved by subsequent drops. When two identical fruits touch, they merge into a larger fruit. This merging is crucial for progressing in the game as you work your way up to creating a watermelon, the most valuable fruit.

Game Strategy

Plan your fruit placements to avoid running out of space. The game continues until the fruits overflow the box's top. There’s no time limit, so you can take your time to think about each move. Aim for combos by planning cascades of merges which will help you achieve higher scores.

What are the controls for I Want Watermelon?

Mouse Control: Click and drag your mouse to choose where to drop the fruit. Release to drop.

Touch Control: Tap the screen on the desired location to drop the fruit.


  • Charming and colorful graphics with a variety of fruits like cherries, apples, and oranges
  • Engaging physics-based gameplay as fruits interact and merge upon contact
  • Strategic depth with no time limits allowing for thoughtful moves

Release date

April 2024




All devices

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