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Game Klondike Solitaire preview
Game Klondike Solitaire preview

Klondike Solitaire

Klondike Solitaire

Theatre mode
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Klondike Solitaire

Klondike Solitaire is a classic tabletop card game played with a standard 52-card deck featuring 1 card showing (easy) and 3 cards showing (normal) game modes. The objective is to form four foundations for each suit and build them up from ace to king.

There are 7 piles of cards on the table, and you can build them down by arranging cards of alternating colors with decreasing ranks. The queen of a red suit can be placed atop a black king, and so on.

While the gameplay is fairly simple, the odds of winning, especially while playing with 3 cards showing, aren’t stacked in your favor. Even if you make all the right moves, sometimes you’ll still lose, but that’s exactly what makes you want to restart the game and give it another try.

How to play Klondike Solitaire

There are several things you should look out for to increase your chances of winning. Don’t draw any additional cards from the deck until you’ve depleted all the possibilities using face-up cards from the 7 piles on the table. Once the pile slot is free, you can place a king on it and start building down.

Ideally, you want to create an open slot for all 4 kings so they don’t block the piles you’re trying to open up. Always look at the freshly opened cards and try to find a suitable spot to arrange them. If you can play either a card drawn from the deck or the card already on the tableau, it’s usually better to play the latter.

What are the controls for Klondike Solitaire?

You can play Klondike Solitaire on mobile and PC devices alike. Tap or click to select a card and place it on a suitable pile or foundation on the table.


  • A classic card game of luck, patience, and skill
  • 1 card showing and 3 cards showing game modes
  • Addictively relaxing yet difficult gameplay

Release date

October 2023




All devices

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