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Game Ludo Legend preview
Game Ludo Legend preview

Ludo Legend

Ludo Legend

Theatre mode
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Ludo Legend

Play an exciting digitalized version of a classic social tabletop dice game Ludo Legend! This is a game for at least two and a maximum of four players, and you can play it on the same device against AI or human opponents. As you would expect, the graphics are as simple as they get, the gameplay is exciting, and the music is incredible. While luck is most often the decisive factor, a certain dose of tactics and strategy is necessary to improve your chances of winning.

Each player houses a total of 4 tokens in the yard, and to deploy them on the board and start moving, you must first roll a six. Rolling a six also provides an extra roll, and the objective is to move all the tokens around the board into your safe zone before the opponents. Once out on the board, if a dice roll decides that a moving token lands atop another, the latter is returned to the yard, and a player must start moving back from scratch.

How to play Ludo Legend

The game is much more interesting with a higher player count since it’s much harder to control all the variables. It’s always better to be behind your opponents rather than in front to avoid the risk of getting your token eaten. Try to get as many tokens out on the board to keep multiple options available.

What are the controls for Ludo Legend?

You can play Ludo Legend on mobile and PC devices alike. Tap or click on the dice to roll, and then tap or click on the token you want to move if there’s more than a single option available at the given moment.


  • A classic tabletop dice game digitalized
  • Playable against friends and AI opponents alike
  • A balance of luck and strategy is the key to victory

Release date

October 2023




All devices

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