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Game Mahjongg Alchemy preview
Game Mahjongg Alchemy preview

Mahjongg Alchemy

Mahjongg Alchemy

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Mahjongg Alchemy

Mahjongg Alchemy is a digital variation of the classic Mahjong solitaire game, incorporating an alchemical theme with mystical symbols and elements. Like traditional Mahjong, the game involves matching pairs of identical tiles to clear the board. However, Mahjongg Alchemy adds an extra layer of complexity with its unique alchemy-themed tileset.

How to play Mahjongg Alchemy?

The game features a set of tiles with alchemical symbols, such as elements, planets, and other mystical signs. The goal is to find and remove pairs of matching tiles that are free on at least one long edge (left or right) and have no tiles on top of them. By strategically selecting the tiles to remove, players aim to clear the entire board.

In Mahjongg Alchemy, each level presents a different layout, with the tiles stacked in various patterns. As players progress, the layouts become more challenging, requiring careful planning and strategy to uncover and match the tiles in the correct order.

What are the controls for Mahjongg Alchemy?

Use your mouse or tap on the tiles.


  1. Alchemy-themed tileset: Unique alchemical symbols and elements add an extra layer of complexity to the classic Mahjong gameplay.
  2. Various board layouts: Each level presents different tile arrangements, offering diverse challenges.
  3. Time limits: Some versions may include a timer, testing players' speed and strategy.

Release date

December 2019




All devices

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