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The chase is on, and you’re the one who is trying to escape the sneaky AI in neonSnake io! This brilliant snake game features groovy music, addictive gameplay, up to 5 skins to choose from, and three levels of difficulty. The objective is to avoid the AI serpent and grow as big as possible. When playing on Easy and Medium difficulties, you’ll rarely have any problem evading your opponent, but on Hard, the game becomes much more challenging. You’ll have to perform skillful jukes and use the speed boost efficiently to escape your nemesis.

How to play neonSnake io

In the bottom left section of the screen, you’ll notice a bar filled up to 20% as you start playing. This indicator represents the amount of speed boost available, and to replenish it, you’ll collect green dots scattered around the map. Each collected dot adds +1 to your score and +1% to your speed boost meter.

The AI serpent will only destroy you if it manages to reach the head of your snake. Another way to lose a life is if you run into any part of the opponent’s body. Don’t use the speed boost in vain, but save it for escaping sticky situations. When the chaser is on your heels, try to trick it by faking a turn and then quickly change direction and beat a hasty retreat.

What are the controls for neonSnake io?

You can play neonSnake io on both PC and mobile devices. While playing on a PC, use the mouse pointer to move the snake and the left mouse button to increase its speed. Tap and hold to move on mobile, and press the spinning wheel to go faster.


  • Vivid snake game featuring relaxing music and addictive gameplay
  • The AI serpent is hot on your heels
  • Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulties and up to 5 different skins

Release date

August 2019




All devices


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