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Gulper.io is an addicting multiplayer snake game. Control your slithery snake and devour as much energy as possible to reach the top of the leaderboard!

How to play Gulper.io?

Gulper.io is a fun game to play, you start as a small snake but by eating food and taking down opponents, you can become the biggest snake in the lobby! Eat as much food as you can to grow bigger, and then start eliminating the other snakes around. The best strategy to win a game is to stay away from the bigger snakes as much as possible. The power gap between you and them is immense and you’ll only be giving away your life to them.

To consistently win in Gulper.io requires immense focus and strategy. You’ll have to deal with snakes who swerve to catch you off guard and players who will encircle you with their snakes and cut off any exits. These strategies are commonly employed and you’ll have to come up with counters to them if you want to have any chance of winning. You can also use them to your advantage if you want to as well.

What are the controls for Gulper.io?

On desktop, use your mouse to guide your snake and to eat food. To boost your snake, use the left mouse button. But be careful, boosting uses up energy that you gain from taking down opponents and food.

On mobile, use the joystick available to move your snake and press the button on the right side of the screen to accelerate.


  • Multiplayer! Invite your friends and team up with them to dominate the lobby in Gulper.io!
  • Leaderboard! There’s an in-game leaderboard that tracks the players with the most points. It gives you the opportunity to stalk out your opponents and get to the top quickly!
  • Unique gameplay! Gulper.io brings a unique experience to the snake game genre! Absorb energy and take down opponents to win in this game! 

Release date

January 2019




All devices

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