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Game Penguin Wars preview
Game Penguin Wars preview

Penguin Wars

Penguin Wars

Theatre mode
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Penguin Wars

With the daily Penguin Wars taking place, there’s never a dull day in Antarctica! The cutest of soldiers are fighting for supremacy in the South Pole and during these epic battles, every iceberg matters! Whether you’re throwing snowballs, launching grenades, or rockets, the objective is to knock over the opposing team of penguins from the drift ice and into the cold waters.

This epic 2D strategic shooter features a challenging lengthy campaign and an additional 2-player game mode. The music is gloriously relaxing, the graphics are cute and eye-catching, while the gameplay is simple, captivating, and exciting. Take the shots into the blue until you’ve figured out just the right angle and amount of power to defeat the enemy squad before they can get you!

How to play Penguin Wars

You won’t be able to see the enemy-occupied iceberg when firing a missile, so the first try is usually a shot in the dark. Due to this fact, it’s especially important to remember the inputs of the previous shot taken, because this information will allow you to readjust the aim on the next attempt. A well-placed shot usually can eliminate more than a single enemy if you take the time to analyze the opposing squad’s formation. Experiment with projectile angles and different missile types until you’ve figured out the winning formula.

What are the controls for Penguin Wars?

You can partake in the epic Penguin Wars on both PC and mobile devices. Click or tap to select the available missiles and Fire them toward the enemy squad. Hold and Drag the green beam next to the Fire button to determine the angle and speed of the projectile.


  • An epic 2D strategic projectile launching shooter
  • Squads of penguins battle for Antarctica supremacy
  • Challenging campaign and 2-player game modes

Release date

February 2023




All devices

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