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Polyshapes is an exciting puzzle game where you can find and form different shapes highlighted by the game.

How to play Polyshapes?

Polyshapes is a fun game where you need to find and outline unique shapes on the board. This seems easy at first but becomes hard as the shapes blend with the background and it becomes difficult to spot them. Take your time and look for the shape at the bottom row and then the center. These areas are the most prominent areas where the shape is usually present. By using this strategy you’ll be able to find the shapes easily and speed through the game.

What are the controls for Polyshapes?

On desktop:

  • Use the left mouse button outline shapes.

On mobile:

  • Tap on the screen to outline shapes.


  • Simplistic controls. The controls for the game are really simple allowing players of all skill levels to play and enjoy the game.
  • Progression system. The game gets progressively harder as you find more and more shapes. This ensures that there’s always a challenge awaiting the player and that the game doesn’t get too easy.
  • Unique puzzle game. Polyshapes is a unique puzzle game that requires you to look for shapes on a board and then piece them together to win.

Release date

April 2023


Ouzo games


All devices

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