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Reach The Core

Reach The Core is an exciting game where you have to discover plasma on a planet by journeying to its core. Mine for rare minerals and upgrade your mining machine to progress faster in the game!

How to play Reach The Core?

Reach The Core is a fun game where your objective is to drill through the planet's layers to find plasma for your ship. Underground, you’ll find boosts to help you out on your journey along with rare minerals you can mine for gold. Depending on the boost you find, they can help in increasing your speed, health, and energy. Maneuvering your machine is difficult so it's best to simply avoid hazards like bugs and rocks which decrease your health by a lot. 

An important part of the game is the upgrades you can get. These are super helpful as you can increase the resistance of your drill, increase its power and even purchase turbos for your machine! The upgrades you get for your machine will be crucial in achieving your objective.

What are the controls for Reach The Core?

On desktop:

  • Use the A and D keys to maneuver your machine.
  • Press the S key to use turbos.

On mobile:

  • Press the left and right arrow keys to maneuver the machine.
  • Press the turbo button to boost. 


  • Upgrade system. In Reach The Core, you can unlock and purchase upgrades for your machine to drill through the planet faster.
  • Multiple layers. You have to drill through multiple layers to reach the plasma. The layers get harder to drill as you progress through the game.
  • Boosts! There are multiple boosts scattered underground you can use to help you in your journey. 

Release date

January 2022


Flash From The Past


All devices

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