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Game Red Ball 4 preview
Game Red Ball 4 preview

Red Ball 4

Red Ball 4

Theatre mode
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Red Ball 4

Control the lively orb and guide it through up to 50 challenging levels in Red Ball 4! The objective in each stage is to reach the secluded treasure chest, usually located at the very end of it. On this perilous journey, you’ll encounter various monsters and deadly obstacles, and to overcome all the difficulties, you must think fast and act even faster.

Our brave hero isn’t just some ordinary ball, though. It can fire guns, smash enemies with a sledgehammer, swim, dash, and even use the jetpack! This amazing platform action game isn’t easy, and you’ll have to use all the tools available wisely to stand a chance at beating it.

How to play Red Ball 4

The equipment your hero carries is quite diverse, so make sure to learn the strengths of all the tools at your disposal. This is a game of trial and error and isn’t for someone who gives up easily. Learn from your mistakes after each failure and try your best to avoid them in the future. If you’re persistent enough, you know how good it feels when you’re finally able to complete a challenge you’ve been struggling with for a while.

What are the controls for Red Ball 4?

Red Ball 4 is playable for free on both mobile and PC devices. Use your fingers to press the buttons in the interface to input controls if playing on a phone or tablet. If you prefer playing on a PC, a keyboard is required, and the controls are shown below.

  • WASD/Arrow keys — movement
  • C — melee attack
  • G — throw a grenade
  • F — shoot the gun
  • T — jetpack
  • R — sprint
  • Space — jump


  • Challenging and addictive platform action game
  • Up to 50 levels to complete
  • Great tooltips help you keep up with new game mechanics

Release date

April 2023


Yohoho Games


All devices

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