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Santa Parkour


Santa Parkour

If you've ever wondered what Santa would look like as he jumps between buildings while doing back flips, Santa Parkour is just the game you’ve been looking for. Open loot boxes and collect cards to unlock awesome parkour skills, pick up coins while freerunning to purchase epic “Bling Bling”, and morein this Christmas-themed 2D platform game. Don't forget to come back tomorrow to claim your daily rewards and complete additional achievements!

How to play Santa Parkour?

In this festive 2D platformer, your job is to jump between the buildings with style. The speed at which you are running will double after a while, and you will, at some point, fail to overcome certain gaps, but the journey is what matters the most. Santa Parkour becomes really interesting once you unlock at least some of the many skills available.

This particular Santa seems to be in great shape, as he can jump very high and perform some serious acrobatic feats. To learn new parkour “skills”, you need to collect 3 identical “cards”, which drop from the “loot boxes”, and combine them. By doing so, you’ll create a level 2 card, and to permanently unlock a fancy move, you need to combine three level 3 skill cards.

You can spend the coins collected while playing to further upgrade your skills or purchase different apparel. Finally, try to avoid running over chimneys or other obstacles atop buildings, as you’ll lose coins if you hit them.

What are the controls for Santa Parkour?

Santa Parkour is playable on a PC but also on smartphone and tablet devices. If playing on a PC, use “Space” or the left mouse button to jump, or tap to jump if playing on a touchscreen device. Hold to jump higher.


  • 2D Christmas-themed platform game
  • Collect cards to unlock new parkour moves

This Santa does his job with style

March 2023


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